CS Important Questions for Executive Dec 2013 Exams

This post is a try to help the students of CS Executive. This post contains Important Chapters, Topics for CS Executive examinations to be held in December 2013.

Students are advised to follow this topics only when there is scarcity of time and these topics are to be read first in the line of importance and it absolutely doesn't mean that other topics are irrelevant.

General and Commercial Laws:

Constitution of India:
  • Federal Nature of the Constitution
  • Directive principles Vs Fundamental rights
  • Doctrine of Eclipse
Interpretation of Statutes:
  • Rule of Reasonable Construction
  • Heading, Preamble
  • Rule of Ejusdem Generis
Law Relating to Transfer of Property:
  • Doctrine of Lis Pendens
  • Transfer for the benefit of Unborn Person
  • Doctrine of Election
Information Technology:
  • Certifying Authorities
  • Hacking
  • Electronic Records
  • Digital Signature advantages
Code of Civil and Criminal Procedure:
  • Distinguish between Judgement, Decree and Order
  • Powers of Police officer to arrest without warrant
  • Res Subjudice

Group 2 - Company Law

  • Doctrine of Ultra Vires
  • Pre-incorporation Vs Provisional Contracts
  • Online Incorporation of Companies
  • Buy-back of Shares
  • Mis-statement in Prospectus
  • Issue of Bonus Shares
  • Office or Place of Profit
  • Proxy 
  • General Meetings without Quorum
  • Small Shareholders Director
  • Director's Responsibility Statement
  • Investor Education and Protection Fund
  • Statutory Registers of a Company
  • AlterEgo

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